This is PortUP a ports management tool for OpenBSD. It is suppost to make life easier for OpenBSD users and administrators. Some of the (planned) features include:
- Automated ports tracking, updating and reinstalling.
- Update ports tree from cvs, cvsup, ftp or http.
- read the paper for more details.

Please use SourceForge Portup forum and bug tracker for problems or questions.
Portup Version 1.0 <download>

03-Sep-2005: Bug fix in cvs for '$deps use strict' error. Please use version in CVS.
25-Aug-2005: Rewrite in progress ! With the development of OpenBSD 3.7 and 3.8 the ports tree and pkg_tools have changed a lot (for the better) so we are rewriting portup to make it work for 3.8 and remove the quick-and-dirty perl code it is now.
12-May-2005: version in cvs fixes a bug when using a single package on the command line.
28-Mar-2005: Beta version of portup released ! (use at your own risk)
05-Mar-2005: Alpha version of portup released ! (for testing)
warning: portup-alpha is not safe for large recursive updates ! this will be fixed in the beta version.
19-Feb-2005: Imported nfnports, A set additionial ports to OpenBSD 3.6.
15-Feb-2005: in cvs, Represents a curses install frontend to packages. (pkg_add) Logo